Temperature Management Software

TemperatureGenie is a cloud based, remote temperature monitoring, alerting and reporting system which allows users to understand the temperature of an environment, centrally, remotely and in real time.

Our TemperatureGenie software enables retailers, logistic companies, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and warehouse operators to remotely monitor the temperature of cabinets, rooms or locations both static and mobile whilst centrally viewing the data and acting on temperature alerts.

Key features of TemperatureGenie

Monitor temperatures
Temperature alerts
Wide temperature ranges
Configurable recording periods

Control how often your products are monitored

Temperature recording frequency per sensor

TemperatureGenie enables users to determine how often each sensor records data, be that every few seconds, through to minutes or hourly. This data is then visible within the portal and can be exported to files or via our restful API.

Keep control of your temperatures, remotely.

Configurable temperature alerts

Knowing if a temperature range has been exceeded is critical to businesses for both product safety or quality. Our temperature software allows users to configure alerts to be raised by our sensors which allow you to act, both protecting the products but also allowing you to manage energy costs. With a minimum temperature of -40 °C and an upper limit of +85 °C, users can configure the system to alert when a temperature level is crossed and determine a period in which it must exceed this before raising alerts. We also allow users to determine how those alerts are received by their teams, email, text, in app or even push notifications to IOT devices such as headsets. Once the team action the alert, an audit trail is created to aid with your compliance requirements.

Understand temperatures throughout product journeys

Temperature monitoring on the move

Our technology not only records temperatures at static locations such as retail food cabinets, fridges or warehouse shelves but also on the move. We allow our users, via our mobile app, to understand the temperature of products or shipments during their journey or on arrival such as into port. Every time our system syncs data from the sensors, we can determine the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of its location, allowing users to track temperatures throughout its journey and receive alerts should the defined ranges be breached. Helping ensure temperature sensitive products remain in range. Our system can also store data for up to 4 months, allowing constant recording when our of range of our hubs or app.

Accurate Information for Confident Decision Making

Market leading hardware

TemperatureGenie is developed to utilize market leading hardware from Zebra! Combining our easy to use software with their robust, secure and collaborated sensors allows our solution to service all levels of requirements from small business to enterprise. Key features of the hardware include:

  • Long battery life – over 12 month per device depending on configuration
  • Large internal storage, allowing offline readings for up to 4 months
  • Calibrated and certified with a +/- 0.3°C tolerance
  • IP67 rated
  • Low energy Bluetooth v5.2
  • Zebra backed, no-cost recycling program
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F) monitoring range
  • Programmable, 15 seconds to 240 minutes logging intervals

Fully connected temperature management

API integration for your data

Our technology has been designed API first which allows us to provide a full restful API for our customers to integrate with. This allows your team to consume sensor data, retrieve reports or intercept alerts so temperature recording can extend your existing processes and systems.

Please contact a member of the team who will be able to assist with any pricing or demo enquiries using our contact form .