LabelGenie print software

LabelGenie is a cloud based, label and barcode printing software application which allows users to scan or search for products, choose a print format and device to print to - making printing tasks simple, accurate and fast!

LabelGenie cloud labelling software

Our LabelGenie software enables retailers, logistics companies and warehouses to streamline their print tasks, enabling operatives to become mobile whilst improving accuracy and reliability.

Key features of LabelGenie

Label printer
Bespoke layouts
Barcode scan
Scan to print
Infinity print
Print reporting
BarcodeGenie Label Print Formats

Bespoke layouts

Enabling custom label printing for your brand

Admin users are able to create custom print templates which define the layout each ticket or label will print. This provides our customers the ability to create bespoke print formats for their business and its operatives to switch between them on a per print basis. This flexibility allows different devices to print different media such as pallet labels or price labels.

BarcodeGenie search

Scan to print

Scan barcodes for fast, accurate data searching

Our application allows your team to improve efficiency and accuracy by scanning using their device to locate products, orders or inventory to use within the print output. Our software is designed to run on all browser enabled devices and utilise the scanning engine or camera of the device, meaning whether on a shop floor, back office or good in bay, your team can easily print what they need.

BarcodeGenie Label Cloud Print

Infinity print

Limitless label printing anytime - no click counts

Our application has been designed to allow your team to print from any network accessible device to your fleet of printers. There is no click counts or limits on number of prints, printers or devices meaning you can scale up fast and fulfill all your print requirements across the business.

BarcodeGenie label print reports

Print reporting

Improve accountability, compliance and performance of your label printing

Management reporting and data are key to both business performance and efficiency. As a result, our system has been built with reporting in mind. Admin users are able to report on the volume of prints made by each device which allows both compliance and usage to be monitored.

BarcodeGenie Label Batch Print

Print batches

Streamline and monitor label print changes per location

Batch print allows central teams to create update files and assign them to the locations required to action them. For example, a head office retail team can create a price markdown file and supply this to each store to be actioned. Each location then receives a notification requesting them to print each item in the batch, and the system records when each has been printed. The system then provides accountability, by allowing the central team to analyse which locations have/have not completed the batch.

BarcodeGenie Label Cloud Print

Admin dashboard

Easy to use dashboard allowing control and customisation

Admin users of the system are able to access the admin dashboard which provides easy access to all core features of the system and its configuration. Users with the correct permissions are able to managed items such as printers, locations and create print formats or generate print reports.

BarcodeGenie Label Print reports

Print queue

Easy print management

The print queue provides resilience should a printer be unavailable when a print is sent from the system. This allows the print to be resent to the printer once it has come back online or had any fault removed e.g. out of media. The queue also provides the ability for admin users to cancel or resend requests whilst also being able to monitor print volumes per device.

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BarcodeGenie have been a fantastic and enthusiastic team to work with and I highly recommend them. Both parties that I have engaged with are committed to helping and working with you to find the correct solution within a swift turn around time. This project has left an overall highly positive view of the company and a first contact for any future similar projects.

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